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Strongest Pepper Spray Available

March 6, 2019April 2, 2020

Civilians in the US have access to all kinds of pepper sprays, even the strongest. Some states have restrictions regardless of the strength. If you want the strongest OC spray you need to know if your country allows it.

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Can you buy the Strongest pepper Spray in your Country?

If you are a resident of Wisconsin or Michigan you need to inform yourself about strength restrictions. In Wisconsin, you can buy and carry only pepper spray with a maximum 10% Oleoresin Capsicum concentration. In Michigan, you can buy self-defense spray with up to 18% OC or 1.4% MC.
If you live in any other US state you can buy the strongest pepper spray you can find.

If your pepper spray has a weaker pepper inside the formula, then it doesn’t matter how much it is present in the formula.

Looking for the hottest pepper sprays?

When it comes to self-defense, you have mere seconds to defend yourself. Agree or not, most of us want the most powerful pepper spray available. A strong pepper spray ensures that you will be able to stop an assailant on the first attempt.

If you’have ever eaten a chili pepper before, then you know how hot they are. Imagine how much your eyes would burn if the resin oils of a chili pepper were to get into them.

That is how pepper spray can incapacitate an attacker. Once you sprayed attacker in the eyes, he will be left blinded and throbbing in pain for several minutes. The hotter the spray, the more incapacitated he will be.

What determines the strength of pepper spray?

By far, the most deciding factor is OC which implies oleoresin capsicum, an ingredient extracted from chili peppers. That being said, you need to know that strength of OC oil and level of OC inside the formulation are two different things. Do you think that a higher OC percentage represents a stronger spray? Well, this isn’t essentially true.

Here’s the deal:

While OC refers to oil content present in spray formulation, which usually ranges between 5 and 15%, it only measures the level of red pepper enclosed in spray, not depicts the strength of a pepper spray. This is why a 5% OC level spray can be more effective than a 15% OC spray. If your pepper spray has a weaker pepper inside the formula, then it doesn’t matter how much it is present in the formula.

So, what should you seek for?

The stopping capacity, pungency, and effectiveness of pepper spray is directly dependent on the percentage of active capsaicinoids – that’s the key to measure pain producing components of spray. Usually, it varies from 0.15% up to around 1.35%. The higher the value, the stronger the spray, and thus better the prevention. So, before you decide to buy thepepper spray, make sure you check the spray’s major capsaicinoids (MC) rating.

Scoville Scale is another rating, which was developed to gauge the chili’s heat in SHU or Scoville Heat Units. However, one thing you must know that SHU depicts the pungency power of chilies used to make the spray and not reflects the final product’s power. If product is labeled with 500,000 SHU or more than that, you better pick it.

CRC or Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids are another tool to precisely measure the level of capsaicinoids found in pepper spray. EPA officially monitors CRC rating. Often, manufacturers don’t publish such rating, thus makes it hard to make effective pepper spray comparisons. If it’s labeled, then you should pick a spray with a minimum CRC rating of 1% or higher.

The strongest pepper sprays

For those who are serious about their safety, SABRE products are certainly known to rescue you on time. They are police-grade pepper spray. In fact, it is dubbed as the number one trusted brand by law enforcement agencies across the world.

Another strongest and hottest pepper spray is Fox Labs Pepper spray. It produces 5.3 million SHU. These sprays are engineered to emit heavy stream pattern covering a distance up to 17-20 feet without any blow back for true dependability. For more pepper spray options take a look at the best pepper spray article.

Do police use stronger pepper spray?

The potency of one pepper spray differs from another. However, the civilians have access to pepper spray that is similar in potency than the one used by law enforcement agency workers – maybe more!

This is because the police officers have different motives than the civilians of using the pepper spray. For the civilians, the pepper spray is the only tool available for self-defense. On the other hand, the police officers are equipped with other protective gear as well. In fact, most police officers keep sprays that include CS tear gas.

The pepper spray containing CS tear gas is more effectual and quicker than the CN tear gas used by the enforcement agencies. They are more potent but less toxic on the attacker. This is why, it is imperative that the civilians make use of the CS tear gas equipped pepper spray for increased protection.

What Is better: pepper spray or pepper gel?

OC pepper spray comes in various forms such as a fogger, foam, stream or even gel. For example, the pepper spray comes in liquid form. When you go to spray the formula into someone’s eyes, it comes out of the bottle in a misty sort of way.

This could cause problems for you if there’s a gust of wind which blows the pepper spray mist back in your face instead of the attacker’s face. You need to be wary of all winds that might be present before you spray them.

Alternatively, there is a safer version of pepper spray out now called pepper gel. This gel product also has oleoresin capsicum in it as an active ingredient. The difference is that pepper gel is a thicker solution which sticks to the recipient’s skin.

They won’t be able just to wipe it away either. You can also shoot the pepper gel solution at about a 20% greater distance than the pepper spray solution. This gives you more space to stay safely away from the attacker as you try to stop them.

The best thing about pepper gel is that it doesn’t get blown in your face if there’s a gust of wind. Therefore, you’re much better off choosing the pepper gel product versus the pepper spray product. It doesn’t even cost that much more than pepper spray either.


If you live in New York, using pepper spray is legal but with some restrictions. Those over 18 years can purchase and use it. Felons or convicted criminals are not allowed to carry it. The buyer cannot buy more than two sprays at the same time and must fill a registration form. For more information visit this link – Is pepper spray legal in your country?


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