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What does OC spray stand for?

January 23, 2019September 3, 2019

I have decided that I will describe what does OC spray stand for.Let’s get started. OC spray stands for a self defense spray that is used for safety purposes in many countries around the globe. Let’s find out its infredients, uses, effects, and regulations.


OC stands for “Oleoresin Capsicum” and OC spray refers to the spray that has a portion of oleoresin capsicum used in its manufacturing.

OC varies depending on the weight of the bottle, brand of the spray and its intensity to burn. The amount of OC is mentioned in the details chart printed on the spray bottle.

What does oleoresin capsicum stand for?

If we divide it further into Oleoresin and Capsicum, then Oleoresin means “An Oil with Resins” and Capsicum is a kind of hot pepper plant with an active ingredient named “Capsaicin” due to which peppers are hot.

Oleoresin and capsicum are not extracted from a same plant. Oleoresin is an extraction of a resin plant that is oily in texture whether capsicum came into being from a hot pepper plant.

Do police use pepper spray?

In many of the countries like U.S.A, police force is allowed to use pepper sprays in harsh situations.

If there is a physical violence in any public place that is countered by a policeman and he’s unable to control the situation with all his force, then he’s allowed to use a pepper spray as a weapon to stop the violence instantly on the spot.

In a serious situation like violence, robbery or any street crime, pepper spray is the best and the quick solution for the police officer to take control of the situation and to catch the culprit.

What are effects of OC spray?

OC spray is not used for creating effects that could benefit or harm someone in a long run. It is a temporary weapon used to be carried along in temporary situations and its effects stay for a limited time.

If an emergency is encountered and an OC spray is used, it will just earn some time for the victim to escape from the danger zone. It won’t make an animal or a person die on the spot.

In case of animals, OC sprays make them run away as they get scared and lose their balance because of the burn created by the spray. The maximum time span for the effects of OC spray to last is 60 minutes.

Is OC spray legal? (USA, UK, CANADA, NEW ZELAND)

(USA)OC spray is legal in U.S.A however; it is not allowed to carry it to few parks of the U.S.A for the safety of people and animals at the park.

(UK) OC sprays are strictly banned in UK; they can only be used by the police officers. Civilians or the manufacturers cannot use them at all.

(Canada) In Canada, OC sprays are legal in terms of using them on animals only but there is a strict rule that prohibits everyone to use it on any human being. These sprays are sold with the labels like “Dog sprays” that are low in intensity or “Bear sprays” that has a little high burning intensity.

(New Zealand) OC sprays are restricted as a weapon to be used against any living being in New Zealand. If anyone wants to use it, the person has to take a permit for its legal use from the police and the police will keep that person in record after allowing such sprays.


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