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Three Situations when you can use Pepper Spray

February 5, 2019July 15, 2019

Pepper spray is basically a lachrymatory agent which, if in contact with an individual’s eyes, causes temporary blindness, tears and pain.

Pepper spray is not only used on humans, it can also be used against bears, dogs or any other wild animal in case of prevention from an attack. It is also been researched that Pepper Spray caused a temporary burning of lungs and discomfort which leads to shortness of breath.

If we look at the components, it consists of the ingredient capsaicin which is basically extracted from fruits in the category (genus) of Capsicum.

The use and recommendation of pepper spray for self-defense purpose is common, however, pepper spray can be used in other situations as well. This article will discuss three situations when you can use pepper spray.


There are many kinds of pepper spray’s that are used as defensing sprays. Many women are asked to carry Pepper Sprays, for example, if they’re travelling alone or at night, or if they’re travelling in a van, train, bus with strangers.

Pepper Sprays are great for preventing an attack. Regardless of the gender, if for example, you’re walking on an empty street late at night and some strangers try to rob or attack you, you can use to pepper spray and run away from that situation. Pepper Spray is a much needed thing, in areas where crime rates are high.

Crowd Control

Apart from being used as a method of self-defense, high-powered pepper spray can be used to control a huge crowd. For example, in situations where the crowd is huge and cannot be controlled, police or the management can use the high-powered pepper spray that is designed specifically to control multiple people at the same time.

You’ll find these sprays available in fog spray or heavy stream methods. Also, an effective range of up to 30 feet is offered by these pepper sprays.

Riot Control

Ever encountered a riot situation or seen it in news? It’s uncontrollable. Pepper sprays can also be used to control riot situations, where there are many protestors and chances of citizens getting hurt from the riots. In order to calm things and to catch the people behind these riots, pepper sprays can be used. Pepper spray temporarily blinds you, which will give the police a chance to catch the criminals. Therefore, Pepper sprays are very useful when it comes to getting a grip on such situations.

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Although, Pepper Spray is a great invention for situations such as self-defense, riot and crowd control. However, it has yet not been completely justified if using pepper spray may permanently cause any harm to the individuals. There have been some reports, proving that there was some lethal consequences of using pepper spray on individuals, which might have led to death.


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