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US states with restrictions on pepper spray

February 5, 2019August 1, 2019

The restrictions vary according to the law of the state. Some regular the size and weight of the product while others pay heed to the ingredients that the spray comprise. Some states also regulate people who are allowed to carry and use the spray for self-defense.

US states with restrictions on pepper spray

Important to be cautious

Pepper spray is considered to be one of the most commonly used self-defense weapons. With the help of lachrymatory agent, one can make sure that he has enough time to run away from his attacker.

If you reside in any place where there is a heavy restriction on pepper spray, using the product can land you in quite a big trouble.  Therefore, it would be a good idea to acquaint yourself with information about the laws pertaining to pepper spray in your state before purchasing some. You can be sued or fined in some states for misusing pepper spray.

The states which have restrictions on pepper spray

1.     Arkansas

While you are allowed to carry capsicum sprays, there are some restrictions that you have to keep in mind. The capacity of the canister cannot exceed 150cc. You are also explicitly prohibited to use the spray against a law enforcement officer.

2.     California

Pepper spray cannot be sold to a minor. The weight of the spray cannot exceed 2.5 ounces. If you are found guilty of misusing the pepper spray, you can be fined for up to $1000 and have to spend three years in prison. It can also appear as a felony conviction on your record.

You might be wondering what misuse of lachrymatory agent refers to. Pepper sprays allowed to be used as self-defense, not offense. Thus, if you spray people in anger, or as a joke, you might find yourself in trouble. Furthermore, apart from minors, drug addicts and convicted felons are also not allowed to carry pepper spray.

For the spray to be legal in California, there must be a label on the canister which clearly states the laws of its use and the limitations that should not be crossed.

3.     Massachusetts

A civilian needs a license to carry OC spray in this state. An unlicensed sale is illegal, and a person can be penalized for indulging in it.

The civilians can purchase the spray only from licensed firearms dealers of the state. The license has to be acquired from the local chief of police or from any other person in the locality who has been entrusted with the responsibility by the higher authorities.

Thus, you need to Firearms Identification Card to carry pepper spray legally in the state. You will need to head down to the local police station, present your ID forms, pay the fee and wait for around a week before you get your FID. The FID must be with you all the time to make sure that you do not end up in trouble for using the spray for your protection.


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