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Use this Unconventional method to mail Pepper Spray?

February 20, 2019April 2, 2020

Do you wish to send a capsicum spray to your loved one? Well, there are quite a lot of restrictions placed on mailing the item.

If you wish to mail it, know that you can’t do so unless you send it through the retailer! This is because pepper sprays are classified as irritants that can cause unwanted duress to the postal service personals. If you try to mail capsicum spray through the postal service, your package might get refused, confiscated or destroyed.

Depending on which city and state you are in, you might even get prosecuted for it. So, while you can’t mail a pepper spray using conventional methods, you can, in fact, ship it to the location you want.

How to send Pepper spray to someone?

One thing is for sure; you can’t purchase pepper sprays and then mail them to the desired location. Does this mean you can’t ship them altogether? No! Think about it. There are various stores that work from remote areas and ship items to your house.

Can I send Pepper spray trought the mail?

If you purchase pepper spray, they will deliver it to you. How are they doing it? Well, businesses that sell pepper sprays and other similar items tend to have special licenses and permits allowing them to mail the items legally.

This means rather than going to the postal service independently if you wish to mail a pepper spray to someone, do it through the businesses that sell pepper sprays. This way the product will reach the desired party without you having to go through any hassle. Use Amazon to send pepper spray.

Where to find a capsicum spray?

You can find a capsicum spray in all the major stores of the country. Most retail outlets have self-defense sections that sell the item. Since it doesn’t cause any permanent harm, you don’t need to provide any such documentation to purchase the item.

Are there any exceptions / Warning:

Carry a capsicum spray and make sure your loved ones do so too. It can never hurt to be cautious. Always be prepared to defend yourself. However, if you live in Massachusetts and planning to buy pepper spray.

Massachusetts is one of the few states where pepper spray or any defense spray cannot be sent to a consumer by mail. Only firearms dealers with a license sell and stock self-defense sprays in Massachusetts. It’s advisable to keep in check of any further legal restrictions within the city.


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