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Pepper Spray Vs. Stun Gun / Which Is The Best Option?

February 20, 2019July 15, 2019

If you want to defend yourself you need to enroll in self-defense classes or learn how to fight. Instead, something as simple as carrying a self-defense weapon or tool can go a long way in helping you out when things go wrong.

Basics of self-defense sprays

Self-defense sprays or OC pepper sprays are widely used over the world. Spraying it on the attacker temporarily blinds the person giving you enough time to escape and call for help. Moreover, now many pepper sprays come with permanent ink that makes identification of the assailant easy. It comes in various forms such as a fogger, foam, stream or even pepper gel.

Basics of stun gun

A stun gun temporarily paralyzes the attacker. To use it, the weapon must come into contact with the said person. This is because the basic stun gun does not shoot out any probe. Instead, it had two prongs attached to the device which gives an electric shock when in contact.

Which is better?

While both stun guns and self-defense sprays are effective in defending oneself, one might wonder which of the two option is better. Here are some factors that the two can be compared on.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, you might find self-defense sprays to be a better choice. This is because they feature a considerably lower rate than stun guns.


The range of self-defense sprays can vary depending on the brand you choose. While some options have a range of six feet, you can also find a range of more than 35 feet as well.

However, for stun guns to be used, you must physically apply it to the person. For a woman trying to run away, this is not an ideal requirement.


Here, both stun guns and self-defense sprays are neck on neck with one another. They have an average effectiveness of 90 percent.


In terms of portability and compact size, self-defense sprays win. After all, they are considerably lighter and smaller than stun guns. Therefore, anyone who wishes to carry the self-defense weapon with them without it being obvious will find sprays to be a better choice.

Surprise factor

It is important to catch your attacker off guard to ensure that they are unable to defend themselves. Since you can disguise both a stun gun and a pepper spray means that both the tools give you the surprise factor needed for a successful defense.


While it is recommended that you carry both the weapon to be on the safe side, pepper sprays tend to be the more convenient option of the two in terms of portability, price, and range.

This is especially inportant if you are women wishing to have no proximity with your attacker. However, know that both the weapons are highly effective when it comes to defending yourself.


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