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Best (OC) Pepper Spray for Self-Defense

May 30, 2019August 30, 2019

If you search for the best pepper sprays you are in the right place. Pepper sprays are out there for your self-defense but you should make sure that it is legal in your country. You also need to know the specifications that are important. There are different types of pepper spray, you may use mist, fogger or stream. Make sure to know which type is the best for you.

Maybe you need keychain pepper spray, maybe pepper spray with UV dye, or you may wonder what pepper spray is the strongest. You can use pepper spray to defend against humans or animals. In this article, I want to make things clear as much as possible. Also, read this article about pepper spray facts.

Best (OC) pepper spray for self-defense

Is it legal?

Before you buy pepper spray you need to make sure that you would not be getting on the wrong side of the law by buying it. While the use of pepper spray is legal as a self-defense option in all of the 50 states, some states have imposed strict laws regarding its shipment, acceptable size and stranghth. Therefore, ensure that you are aware of the rules laid out by your state, check US laws right here.

What about other countries

It is forbidden to carry, use or sell pepper spray in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Specifications that are important

I hope that you may never encounter a situation in which you have no choice to use this device, but if you do, be prepared! Well, before you buy a pepper spray for yourself, be careful to check the specificities such as spray type, the range it offers, the size it comes in and the safety measures.


The size of your pepper spray is one of the most important elements to check before getting one for you. One cannot decide an ideal size as it depends on the use. If you want to have a pepper spray that you can carry everywhere you go, you should opt for a smaller size compared to a situation in which you wish to keep it at home.


As the heading suggests, range of your spray certainly helps you in deciding which pepper spray would be the best for you. Normally a range of 10 feet or more works, you surely don’t want your attacker to be very close to you in order for you to react.

Safety Feature:

Most of us like to carry our pepper sprays in our bags or pockets. If your spray doesn’t have a safety feature, you might invite it to ruin your bag before you are able to even use it.

It would be extremely efficient to check what kind of safety measure your spray has before buying it. Generally it depends on the kind of opening it offers, it can be a flip top, a sliding option or some other type. A flip top opening is recommended.

Number of Shots:

We really hope that you never come in a situation in which you have to use a pepper spray in order to protect yourself from an attacker but bad things happen to good people as well. It is always good to ensure that your pepper spray has a fair number of shots. It also helps in checking the spray once in a while in order to make sure that it will work in need of emergency.

Spray Type:

This header is by far the most significant one as it enlightens you with all the different types of spray that are there so that you can choose your option wisely.


This type does need a certain amount of accuracy but when used the right way, the stream flows right on target. The biggest advantage is that there are no chances of it coming back to you as it comes in liquid form.


The concept of having a pepper spray which comes in gel form might be new but it is equally effective, because of the sticky nature of gel, one can be sure that it will be great at its job and will teach the attacker a lesson and enough time for you to handle the situation.


If you are not good with aims and are worried that even after using a pepper spray you wouldn’t be able to dodge, this type is for you. The fog spray covers a large area and so you don’t have to be tensed before using it. However, you need to be a bit more careful so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Select the best pepper spray

After giving a brief understanding of how to get the best pepper spray for yourself and what to keep in mind while buying, I would now like to provide you with some great options that I feel are the top picks while selecting a pepper spray.

SABRE Red Pepper Spray:

There are various reasons as to why one should get this pepper spray. The best part is that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere because of its size. Even while you are out for a jog, as it comes with a hand strap.

Although this is not the only reason, it has high number of shots and a great shelf life of four years. To add on, it has an amazing range of ten feet for the stream and high strength formulas are used to manufacture it. The only drawback could be the twist opening which might get stuck but the chances are rare.

Fox Labs Flip Top

The company offers a great deal of amazing pepper spray type with various specifications. This one specifically can be regarded as one of the best products that they offer. One of the appreciating things about it is the extraordinary range of seventeen to twenty feet and that too with concentrated formula.

As the name suggests, it is a flip top opening and so saves you from any kind of unwanted discharge. However, the shelf life is of 3 years only as compared to greater life span of pepper sprays of other companies.

SABRE Kuros Pepper Spray

This little light weighted pepper spray comes in a form which could be easily attached to your keys. It is a bit stylish as well when compared to other sprays and offers a great deal of ease as well.

The best part? You would not have to fetch it all the way in your purse which can take quite a long time as it is attached to your keys. One thing you might need to practice is the way to use it as it will be attached to your keys. The range it offers is also ten feet.

Defense Technology First Defense 360 MK-4 Stream OC Aerosol

The name itself is enough to explain why it is one of the best. The stream spray which is specifically made for defense purposes offers something which none other type does.

It is a 360-degree technology which helps you in the best way possible. You don’t have to be careful about how you use it as it will be effective in any angle and any position. It can be difficult for people who get stressed in situations like these to be careful about keeping the pepper spray in the right position in order for it to work properly.

With this type, you don’t have to worry about that, the spray takes care of it for you. The only thing that might bother is a bit bigger size as compared to other sizes.

Where to buy it?

Once you are confident that it is legal to buy pepper spray in your state, the next thing to focus on is where to buy it. You would want to ensure that you buy it from a reliable place.

Pepper sprays are meant for your protection. You will be exposed to a significant amount of danger if the spray fails to function when you most need it.

Therefore, the store should have a profound reputation for providing high-quality products. Find out more about the brands of pepper sprays available on the market. This will let you know the options that you have, thereby making it easier for you to narrow your choices.

Most brands offer the services of shipment and delivery. Thus, you can place your order online and have your can of pepper spray delivered at your doorsteps. This will also decrease the chances of you landing with a substandard pepper spray.

You can also use the internet to search for stores that sell pepper sprays in your locality. It is advisable to read on the reviews of the store before you make the purchase.

Is pepper spray effective?

While we all know that a pepper spray can be extremely efficient and can come in handy, it is still significant to choose it wisely. Not because it is expensive but because you use it in cases of emergency where you cannot afford to have a spray which doesn’t work the right way or to make it worse, doesn’t work at all.

A lot of people might wonder whether pepper spray is good for self-defense. Well, pepper spray is certainly suitable for self-defense purposes. That is the whole reason why people purchase and carry around pepper spray in the first place.

Pepper spray effects

How effective is pepper spray? The symptoms of getting sprayed include intense stinging and temporary blindness. While they’re experiencing these symptoms, you have enough time to run away and call the police. Not only will they be blinded, but they’ll be in too much pain to try and pursue you any further. This sounds like good self-defense, doesn’t it?

How to use It?

You’re supposed to spray the pepper spray formula into someone’s eyes if they try to attack you. This will incapacitate the attacker and cause their eyes to become inflamed almost immediately.

However, you need to use the pepper spray carefully. If you have a misty pepper spray formula in your canister, then wind can blow the spray in your own face after you try to spray it at someone else’s face.

You must recognize this possibility and be prepared for wind gusts as you’re spraying someone with the pepper spray. Otherwise, you could end up hurting yourself further and making the attacker’s job easier.

Does It affect everyone?

If used correctly, pepper spray is a great device for self-defense purposes. It is especially good for women and smaller people who don’t have the physical strength to fight back against a stronger attacker.

No matter how big someone is, they can be reduced to a teary-eyed weakling after getting sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray. This certainly gives women, in particular, an advantage when defending themselves against a male attacker.

Should you practice using It?

Anyone thinking about carrying pepper spray should practice using it first. Pepper spray only has a limited range when you shoot it. Plus, if you’re farther away from the attacker, then it is more difficult to get them in the eyes.

This forces you to have to get up close to your attacker, causing you to be in more danger. So, there is a risk factor here which you need to consider. But it is still better to have a pepper spray bottle on hand than to have nothing at all.

One more time

If you wish to avoid getting in any trouble with the law, find out about the rules and regulations associated with pepper spray in your area.


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