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REVIEW: Fox Labs, 5.3 SHU Pepper Spray

It is vital to opt for a profound quality of pepper spray ( check the best pepper sprays on the market ), something that would be effective and useful in times of need. One that is managed to impress one and all is Fox Labs pepper spray which is one of the strongest pepper sprays on the market.

What Fox labs pepper spray has to offer?

It creates a fog pattern that covers an area of approximately 12 to 15 feet. The 5.3 formula that is present in this unit is also in use by the law enforcement agencies of the US including the military.

Thus, effectiveness is not something that you would find lacking in this unit. The unit is non-flammable in addition to being Taser safe. Thus, your safety would not be compromised. It is also quite portable.

Is pepper spray legal?

Most jurisdictions allow you to carry a pepper spray canister legally. The same cannot be said for firearms or other traditional self-defense methods. Besides, pepper spray is much safer to use and carry around anyway.

Fox Labs, 5.3 SHU Pepper Spray
  • Portability
  • Effectiveness
  • Range
  • Sray time


This is very effective pepper spray, it has a decent range and spray time. If you want good quality pepper spray this is the one.


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