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Best Pepper Sprays for Students

February 5, 2019August 30, 2019

Law enforcement agencies even use these easy to use self-defence tools. They also tend to be an effective weapon for civilians. After all, not only is it helpful against people but it can also be used on attacking animals.

Are you a student looking for the best pepper spray for emergencies? Here are the three best pepper sprays for students.

SABRE Red Pepper Spray

As a student, you already have to carry quite a lot of items in your bag. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to invest in a bulky pepper spray. This is why we consider Sabre red pepper spray to be the best option out there. Not only does it feature a compact size, but it is also very inexpensive.

The high-strength formula of the spray makes it highly effective. Moreover, the number of shots per bottle is also quite high, ensuring that you get your value for money.  The presence of security feature helps in any accidental discharge that might happen. However, some have reported that this latch does get stuck at times.

Fox Labs Mean Green H2OC

When it comes to delivering a strong formula, no one does it better than Fox Labs Mean Green H2OC pepper spray. Since it features a green dye, not only does it help in defending yourself but it also aids in identifying the attacker. The large nozzle opening helps in getting a high quantity of pepper per burst.

The product has a three-year shelf-life which is considerably shorter than other similar options out there. However, the quality of the product makes up for this flaw leading to many continue to buy it.

Fox Labs Flip Top Stream Pepper Spray

Fox labs are well-known in the market for its high-quality pepper spray. This is evident from the fact that two of the three best pepper sprays for students are Fox Labs products. Its Flip Top Stream Pepper Spray succeeded in leaving a mark due to its unconventionally long range of 20 feet.

While this comes at the expense of a slightly bulkier product, still the fact that the range is long and the number of shots is not reduced is a breath of fresh air for users.

When applied, the dye of the pepper spray is invisible. However, it shows up under black light. This ensures that the assailant doesn’t try to remove the dye, thereby aiding in easy identification. Like other Fox Labs products, this pepper spray also features a short shelf-life.

Get yourself a pepper spray

Regardless of which pepper spray you equip yourself with, make sure you have a weapon with you for your self-defence. You need to be prepared to defend yourself in case of emergencies. Help doesn’t always come on time! Get yourself a pepper spray. Be safe.


If you live in Alaska and planning to buy pepper spray. While being legal in Alaska, some restrictions have been placed. The spray cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 18 years. It cannot be carried within the premises of a school unless the school authority allows it and the person carrying it is over 21 years of age.


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