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Three Most Common Pepper Spray Manufacturers

February 12, 2019July 15, 2019

Many people do not realize that there are multiple pepper spray manufacturers.But like most products in the marketplace, there are competing manufacturers who strive to produce the best pepper spray for their target consumer base.

Each pepper spray product has its own unique characteristics and qualities which differentiate them from each other in the marketplace. They are remembered the most by their brand name.

Below are the top 3 most common pepper spray manufacturers that people know about.


Sabre is without a doubt the most popular pepper spray manufacturer. They formulate their pepper sprays to be strong and manageable. Since there are no government regulations surrounding the management of pepper spray formulas, it is up to their manufacturers to manage them.

Unfortunately, a lot of other pepper spray manufacturers make false claims about the strength of their sprays. Sabre is a name known for its honesty and the quality sprays they create.

Sabre’s three main capsicum spray products are Red Pepper Spray, Red Pepper Gel, and 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray. The first and third products are particularly interesting because they contain UV marking dye in them too. This means if someone were to be sprayed these pepper sprays, the police would be able to track them down by finding the person with the UV dye on their face.

Fox Labs

Fox Labs pepper spray products are a great alternative to Sabre. Their pepper spray is affordable, effective and easy to use. The manufacturer has been around since 1992. They manufacture all their pepper spray products in North America.

Their biggest customers are government and law enforcement agencies. Even military organizations, hospitals, fire departments, and correctional facilities use Fox Labs pepper sprays as well. Of course, civilians can purchase them too as long as their local laws permit it.

Defense Technology

Defense Technology is primarily a manufacturer of products for security organizations and law enforcement agencies. But there are weapon’s dealers who will sell pepper spray products from this manufacturer too. In fact, you can find some of their pepper sprays on Amazon.

They have a range of pepper sprays based on their strength, which is determined by their percentage of major capsaicinoids. It goes from 0.2% MC all the way to 1.3% MC. Anyone who really wants to make an impact on their attacker can choose to give them a much stronger sting with these options.


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