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Does Pepper Spray Work on Bears?

August 2, 2019April 2, 2020

Many people are still wondering if pepper spray work on bears. Well, the answer to this question is simple. Yes, it does, but you need to choose the right one, the one that is designed especially for bears ( check most popular on Amazon).

Bear pepper spray has been the single most important innovation for repelling aggressive bears. This spray will most likely protect you from bear attack without killing the animal.

Don’t get it wrong, the personal defense peppers spray, which is carried in some people’s cars ( which is not recommended practice ), does not work on bears. Regular pepper spray canisters have a much shorter spray distance, meaning that the bear must be nearly on the top of you before being sprayed.

If you want to be successful in deterring a bear you should get a BEAR SPRAY. One of the most known is Counter assault. It contains the same active components than generic pepper sprays but it can offer long-distance which is essential in warding off bears.

Does bear spray work?

Overtime bear sprays have been proven to be extremely effective. Bear-spray incidents have depicted that more than 90 percent of the time these sprays have halted the harmful conduct of a bear. Even when the spray was impaired by the wind, they still reached the bear and helped to frighten it.

Don’t take it lightly, even simple activities can look difficult to perform when you try to do them with a four-hundred-pound bear charging towards you. In order to be successful, you need to know how to use it.

How to use it?

Always have your bear sprays ready if you are in an environment with bears especially if it is the time of year that they have new cubs.

Get familiar with your own spray can.

Wearing it on your strap or keep it in an easily accessible pocket is the best way to go.

You can’t spray it into your backpack or tent and expect bars to keep away, it doesn’t work like that.

If you hold it in your pouch, put it into your sleeving bag, or stashed it out of reach elsewhere, you’ll be doing no good at all. In only a matter of seconds, if you can’t reach it, it doesn’t really help you.

The spraying of the bear spray into the ground creates a spray column that a bear must pass through to reach you. In an ideal scenario, when the bear is still 25 to 30 feet away you will use it and have time for six seconds to spray it.

It is effective only when released in a fairly close range on the face of a bear.

How does bear spray work?

If you want a bear spray to work, the content of a spray needs to get in contact with bears eyes and skin. After a bear gets sprayed it can’t smell or look, and it’s painful.

Bear spray has an inflammatory effect on the mucous membrane in the eyes and nose of the bear. The effects are not permanent, means… after an hour or two, the effect is taken down and the bear is not enduringly harmed.

Does it work against other animals?

Bear spray can save your life from all bear species, like black bear, brown bear or grizzly. But bears are not the only predators which might attack you while you enjoy your time in the wilds.

You may wonder, does it work against other animals like dogs, mountain lions, cougars, moose or wolves. Yes, you can use it and it will work on these animals too. To deter aggressive dogs it is better to use dog pepper spray, find more about dog sprays here.


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