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Bear Spray vs. Pepper Spray

March 6, 2019September 9, 2019

I searched for the differences between bear spray and pepper spray, this is what I found. The most important differences between pepper spray and bear spray are in strength and in spray distance.

The main purpose of pepper spray is to protect oneself from an attack. If we talk about their effectiveness, the spray would cause irritation in the eyes, ears, skin and breathing problems as well.

This will give you the opportunity to run away and save yourself from the attack.

Bear spray is a specific animal deterrent that serves the same purpose, saving you from an attack, but they are targeted towards bear attacks. Pepper spray can be much stronger than bear spray but is ineffective if you tend to use it against bears.

Don’t use bear spray against humans.

Differences in strength

They are both composed out of the same ingredient ( oleoresin capsicum ), the bear spray contains a maximum of 2% of oleoresin capsicum. Pepper spray can be stronger, concentration level can rise up to 20 % OC ingredient.

Differences in sizes

Bear spray canisters are much larger than pepper sprays. The minimum size of bear spray is 7.9 oz, you cant buy smaller version of it, read why. On the other hand, a 0.50 oz. canister is the most regular pepper spray size.

Differences in spray range

Pepper spray has a range of approximately 10-15 feet. Bear spray has a larger spray canister and a longer spray range-up to 35 feet. You need this kind of distance to be successful in deterring an attacking bear

Differences in prices

OC sprays are cheaper than bear sprays because it consists of a smaller amount of content. If you want more detailed crices you can check them out on Amazon.

Differences in regulations

In Canada, pepper spray is not legal and bear spray is, but it is illegal to use it on humans. They are both legal in all 50 US states but some of the states have restrictions. Make sure to always check regulations before you decide to purchase or use any of this non-lethal sprays.

istinguish from one another

If you need protection against bears and other animals use the bear spray, it is safe and effective selfdefense tool. These sprays are introduced to lessen the deaths caused by bear attacks and also deaths of bears due to attack prevention acts. Find the best bear sprays in this article.

If you need something to use against humans than use pepper spray. One of the best is Sabre red ( check the prices on Amazon ).

There are many high-quality brands available in the market. Make sure to choose the right one.


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