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Is It Illegal to Use Bear Spray on Humans?

March 6, 2019April 2, 2020

Before you use bear spray on human you have to read this post. The bear deterrent is designed to prevent from bear attack. You might question yourself if it is legal to use it on humans. Well, if you live in the US, then you can legally use bear pepper spray on humans. (check the most popular on Amazon.)

But this is not the case in the other countries:

Is Bear Spray Legal? 

Well, the answer to this question varies with respect to the laws of different countries. Talking about the USA, states of this country permits it, however, few of them have their own jurisdiction which provides guidelines for bear spray’s use.

On the other hand in Canada, the Criminal Code considers that pepper spray, carried to self defense is a prohibited weapon, and is therefore illegal. Bear spray, which has been carried out to protect against a bear attack, is legal.

But only on bears, if used against a human then get ready for being charged with a fine. If you have a bear spray canister and want to transport it in town for protection, it’s not the best idea as it would still be considered illegal.

Also, in New Zealand and UK, possessing an OC pepper spray is not legal at all and the government has classified them under weapons.

Questions people also ask:

Does bear spray work on humans?

This kind of spray is 92% effective in stopping a bear attack but does bear spray work on humans? I wouldn’t recommend…It can work but if you want to use it on people in the first place then you need to pick regular pepper spray.

How to use bear spray?

  • Make sure the bear spray is readily available to you at the time of need. Wear on a belt or else keep it handy instead of putting in bag or pouch.
  • Deploy the spray up to six seconds.
  • Don’t shake the can before using.
  • Since canister can lose pressure over time no matter how good the seal is placed between nozzles and can, test it before going out in the fields.
  • Always buy EPA-registered bear sprays.
  • Replace with new one if it has been discharged for some reason or left in extreme temperatures.
  • Be ready to use it only if bear approaches to you. Bear sprays are even effective in deterring animal at a distance of 25 feet.

What is the difference between bear spray and pepper spray?

Bear spray is a pepper spray technically but it does have very significant differences. Bear mace is similar but not the same as pepper spray, they are different in spray range, canister sizes, formula strength, price… For more information about the differences visit this link.

Bear spray labeling

The label in most bear spray cans say, hazards to humans and domesticated animals and if sprayed in the eye, risks can cause permanent eye damage, a product may only be used to deter bears that attack or seem liable to attack humans.


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