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Is it Possible to Buy Small Bear spray?

February 22, 2019August 16, 2019

A simple search in the market would be enough to tell you one thing- bear sprays are widely available in large editions. Check out these best bear sprays. However, as a camper, you might not want to carry such a heavy item with you at all times. You might wonder if, like pepper sprays for humans, a small keychain size version of the product is available.

The bad news is that bear spray don’t exist in small version.

There is a minimum size that exists for bear sprays. And that is 225 grams or 7.9 ounces. You can search as much as you want and you won’t find any bear spray that has a smaller edition than this.

This is mainly because, for the product to be effective, you need large volume. A small edition won’t have enough spray in it to stop a charging bear.

To be effective, a large canister is necessary

Don’t let your need for convenience and your annoyance with carrying large items stop you from carrying a bear spray. Yes, small editions might not be available. You must carry at least 7.9-ounce bottle. But, to ensure safety, the hassle should be worth it.

A bear spray, also known as a bear deterrent, is a pepper spray that you have to spray on the face of an attacking bear. These sprays tend to yield the desired effect in all types of bears, whether they be grizzly, black or polar.

If you have used pepper sprays on humans, you will find bear sprays to be very similar to them. Just like pepper sprays, bear sprays also affect the throat, nose and the eyes of the bear. They temporarily blind them, thereby giving you time to make a run for it.

However, while pepper sprays are designed to be used on humans, bear sprays are made exclusively for large animals.

The smallest bear spray is 7.9-ounce bottle

If you are a city person who hates interacting with nature, the chances are, you won’t ever meet a wild bear. But, if you love camping and exploring the wilderness, the probability of finding yourself in front of a charging bear increases quite a lot.

Bear sprays are proven to be an effective defense when faced with a charging bear. Purchase a bear spray before heading to the wilderness. Learn how to use it. Always keep it accessible. Stay safe.


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