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Does Bear Spray work on Grizzly Bear?

February 18, 2019August 2, 2019

When it comes to grizzly bear, they are more aggressive than black bears. Unlike black bears, they respond to danger by beating off intruders rather than climbing on trees. These species can be very aggressive towards other bears as well. In addition, grizzly bear can eat just anything. Scared?

How Bear Spray Works On Grizzly Bear?

Grizzly bear have an amazing sense of smell that helps them in searching for food. Now imagine a grizzly bear – with a sense of smell seven times more than a bloodhound – hit with a dense cloud of bear spray.

This capsaicin spray will affect the grizzly bear’s olfactory system and brings an instant change in their behavior, which is good news for both human and bears.

Bear spray works on mucous membranes and take away bear’s keen sense of smell. Being a non-lethal product, bear sprays could successfully settle the human-bear conflict without causing any permanent damage to either side.

Effectiveness of Bear Spray on Grizzly Bear

Research has proven that substantial amount of spray to bear’s face have prevented injurious encounters in a rare event of grizzly attack. According to scientists, grizzly bears account for 84% of encounters. This means they tend to frequently involve in conflicts with humans.

This is why carrying a bear spray is essential to avoid conflicts. At the same time, it participates in securing lives of both human and bear.

If you experience a surprise encounter, or a mother grizzly bear that is approaching towards you, lie down on ground and play dead. It will show the bear that you are not a threat. Don’t get up until you are sure that bear is away even it cause you to wait longer.

However, if you encounter a grizzly bear on carcass, leave the area rapidly. And, if bear tries to come closer, use bear spray rather than playing dead.

In general, bear spray has been effective for almost every bear species. However, if you want to buy more spray shots to face a charging grizzly bear, then you might want to invest on a high-volume spray.

Which Bear Spray To Buy Against Grizzly Bear?

Counter Assault is a top choice of experienced hikers. The 10.2 ounce can of spray is considerably larger than some of its competitors. With a shooting range of 12 to 32 feet, this bear spray gives more control to the user. Given the size of can, it will last for 9.2 seconds.

Effective Tips for Using Bear Spray on Charging Grizzly Bear

Research also shows that most of the time, you have to react within seconds before grizzly bear reach to you. It’s more about being ready. You should be able to deploy bear spray in repeated bursts and faster. Don’t spray when its 200 yards away nor wait for bear to come too close.

  • While deploying, make sure you aim for lower direction rather than upper.
  • Have a good grip on can.
  • Continue to spray until grizzly bear breaks off its charge.
  • It’s better to keep enough reserve of bear spray, in case; there is more than one bear.

Avoid conflict

When you decide to recreate in a bear country, make sure you have a simple, mobile, and effective bear spray with you. Most importantly, it should be accessible at time of need. Besides using bear spray, there is a lot you can do to avoid conflict at the earliest.


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