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Does Bear Spray Work In Cold Weather?

February 22, 2019July 15, 2019

Bear attacks can be dangerous, possibly fatal. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared adequately when you travel to such areas where bear attacks are a possibility. One of the most valuable allies you can have to ward off the danger is a bear spray.

Bear sprays manage to give you enough time to get out of harm’s way and into the realms of safety. Bear spray does so by watering the eyes of the bear while at the same time constriction its lungs. This occurs owing to the ingredients of pepper sprays which initiate a defensive reaction in the bear.

There is an excess production of mucus in the body to get rid of the chemicals. Thus, the bear starts to cry, wheeze and cough. This gives you the opportunity to get to safety.

Using bear spray during winter

Bear attacks and winters

It is well-known that bears tend to hibernate during most of the winter season. However, this does not imply safety measures or caution are not required. Bear attacks during winter seasons are not unheard of. Indeed, there have been cases in the Antarctic region wherein attacks by polar bears have led to some pretty severe injuries.

Therefore, even if you are traveling to a potentially dangerous place during winter, it is advisable to be adequately prepared. This will ensure that you do not find yourself in the face of danger without having anything to protect yourself.

Using bear spray during winter

People often tend to wonder whether bear sprays would prove to be effective during winters. The answer is in affirmative. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you do not store it in an area with below freezing temperature. Try to keep it in a warm area when not in use, and you do not have a reason to worry.

Bear sprays comprise of a carrier as an ingredient. This carrier is responsible for maintaining the liquid state of capsicum which leads to the watering of eyes in bears. Thus, as long as proper storage is provided to the spray, you do not have to stress about the bear spray losing its effectiveness.

During the trip, the spray needs to be accessible such that you can reach out to it in a jiffy when you face a bear. Therefore, opting for a bear spray with a holster is a suitable choice. This not only makes sure that the spray is in close vicinity and can be used quickly in the face of danger; it also keeps the spray somewhat warm.

hy does this matter?

Nothing matters more than your safety. Therefore, do not take any chances. If you are contemplating making a trip to any area where you might encounter bears, ensure that you are equipped with bear sprays, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Studies have revealed that bear sprays prove to be more effective in warding off bears as compared to guns. Thus, you will find these sprays to be of immense help. They can be life-saving.


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