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Bear Spray vs. Dog Pepper Spray / What Is The Difference?

February 12, 2019April 2, 2020

One might wonder if there is any difference between bear sprays and dog pepper sprays. While both the sprays are quite similar in terms of mechanism of action and ingredient, there are some differences between the two.

I have done research and this is what I found out. The primary difference between these two sprays is their strength and coverage area.

There are also differences regarding prices, you can check the prices on Amazon here bear spraydog spray.

Differences in spray range

Bear sprays cover a large area and can be ejected from quite a bit of distance ( 20-40 feet ) since no one would like to wait till the bear gets close. On the other hand, dog sprays have a stream pattern ( cover a smaller area ) and have a smaller range ( 12-15 feet ).

Differnces in strenth

Bears spray can be much stronger compared to dog spray ( 1% – 2% OC ingredient ). Dog spray has a lower OC percentage ( 0,35% -1,0% ingredient).

How does these sprays work?

The function of bear and dog pepper sprays is to give you enough time to get to safety. They are not designed to kill the animals or give them any permanent injuries.

The effect is temporary and lasts for a short duration during which time; you can take measures for your safety and get out of harm’s way.

The primary ingredient in both these sprays is oleoresin capsicum, a natural extract of hot pepper. It is present in different types of sprays in different amounts and if undiluted can be highly potent.

The ingredient triggers an inflammatory reaction owing to which the animals develop irritation in lungs and eyes. They, thus involuntarily close their eyes and start to cough which gives you sufficient time to get out of its way.

Does bear spray work on dogs?

Don’t use bear spray on dogs since you can harm them. Make sure you won’t leave the attacking dog with a lasting injury, if you use bear spray on a dog you can do so.

If you want to make sure that the stray dogs in your area will not cause any injuries to you, it is dog sprays that you need to get your hands on.

Once again, it is important to remember that no one wants to bring a lot of harm to dogs. Dogs tend to be loveable creatures that at times become a tad bit violent. Thus, while you want to protect yourself, you do not want the dog to sustain any permanent damage.

Does dog spray work on bears?

No, don’t use dog pepper spray on bears, it won’t work. If you want to stay alive while encountering a bear you need to have bear spray, which is specially designed to deter bears. Also, don’t use regular self-defense pepper spray on bears, it won’t work.

istinguish from one another

Warding off animals for your safety is a requirement if you do not want to be a frequent visitor to hospitals with animal attacks. Stray dogs can be quite dangerous. Indeed there have been cases wherein stray dogs had become so wild that they injured people to death. Use a dog pepper spray.

Also, people on wild adventures often encounter bears along the journey, and if they do not have anything to protect themselves, things can get disastrous quite rapidly. If you are contemplating upon taking a trip to the wilds, a bear spray is what you need.

Thus, your safety needs to be your priority. You need to ensure that you have something to provide protection against these animals at all times.

However, keep in mind that animal sprays, whether those designed for dogs or bears will not be of much help against human attackers. Pepper sprays will be most effective if you are looking for protection against human attackers.


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