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The Best Pepper Spray for Dog Attacks

February 5, 2019April 2, 2020

Pepper spray for dogs might seem like a cruel concept. But most people only use these types of pepper sprays only in situations when the dog already attacks them. If you are an active jogger than you know what I am talking about, joggers are often approached by loose dogs.

Carrying a pepper spray becomes important as a self-defense device. OC spray is one the easiest to use, inexpensive and one of the most effective protection devices. ( check prices on Amazon )

It is also powerful against very aggressive dog breeds such as Pit-bulls. One shot of pepper spray has proven to be quite effective in disabling the dog for the time being.

Best pepper spray for dogs

According to research from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 4.5 million dog bites happen in the United States every year. Never try to involve in any dangerous interaction. If any unacceptable incident occurs, you can always take precautions like staying motionless, roll into a ball, or use dog spray to avoid an attack.

It is important to note that if you use pepper sprays in the wrong way you can cause permanent harm to the animal or an individual. Therefore, it is important that you do your research and buy a pepper spray that would only have an impact that is temporary and would only serve the purpose it is required for.

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Best pepper spray for dogs

1. SABRE – Protector

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If you’re someone who has a dog for a pet, you’d want to protect your dog in any case. At the same time, you can’t see your dog hurt anyone else around, or even you for that matter. Therefore, SABRE Protector pepper spray is an amazing option that is reliable, safe and also offers protection at a safe distance of around 15 feet.

It is highly effective and humane, it is one of the best options to save yourself or someone from a dog attack. You can also get it with a key ring or a belt clip in around $14. It’s an amazing protection device, and not too much on the pocket as well.

2. Maximum Strength Spray by SABRE

This is another powerful yet safe dog spray by SABRE. It is highly effective and helps you in protecting yourself as well as other people, from injuries that might be caused by dog attacks. You can easily purchase this from Amazon as well as SABRE’s own website.

It is light on the pocket and you’d feel that every penny invested is worth it. It has a stream that is powerful and also sprays up to 15 feet of a distance.

3. Mace Muzzle Dog Repellent Spray

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If you want good deterrent spray to keep dogs away this is a good choice. This is a safe and effective dog repellent pepper spray, which has been approved by EPA. This spray can be purchased from Mace’s website or from Amazon, at a price of $16.99. It has a hand strap that is adjustable, which makes it easy to carry.

Furthermore, it is powerful and helps you stay protected from dogs that are aggressive and may cause you harm or a serious injury. The good part is, that the spray is easy and quick to use, you can use it instantly if any such situation occurs. Furthermore, it consist of 20 bursts, along with a spray stream that cover a distance of around 10 feet.

4. Halt Dog Repellent

This is one of the best dog repellent spray for runners. Based on spicy capsaicinoids, it works well on aggressive four-legged pals. It contains 0.35% capsaicin which makes it quite a powerful spray.

The spray is unlikely to cause any permanent harm to the animal but rather will cause irritation and discomfort for a limited span. Consequently, dog will be confused and frightened which will allow enough time to run away. One can of halt dog repellent spray covers a range of about 10 feet, which is quite good.

Make sure to use the product on dog’s nose, eyes or mouth, else it won’t be effective. There are some users who have reported that it can be messy and not to be effective in windy conditions and rainy conditions either.

The best part about halt dog repellent is that spray is handy to pull out from bag or pocket. This feature makes this sprays a must buy.

Unlike other sprays, this halt repellent spray helps ensure the direction of spray. It produces a liquid stream up to a fair enough distance so that runners or users can spray the dog before he reaches to them.

This spray is recommended for delivery men, dog trainers, bicyclists, runners, and anyone who experience aggressive dogs while walking.

This spray is capable to prevent you from dangerous incidents and potential injuries. When it comes to its effectiveness, only one or two bursts are enough to deter the dog. It is lightweight, accurate in preventing dog bites and can be easily attached to a belt.

Keep on searching

If you are still struggling to decide which one to buy then you can check some dog pepper spray reviews on the web. Thus, if you have neighbors that have a dog for a pet, you can buy any of the above-mentioned dog sprays in order to protect yourself from an attack situation.

All of them are cheap to buy and highly effective. If you don’t want to buy pepper spray you still have one option, you can make your own homemade pepper spray, let’s take a closer look on how to make it.

Some other questions people ask:

Does pepper spray work on dogs

You must be carrying pepper spray to protect yourself against invaders but does this pepper spray work on dogs? The answer is yes. And, it does work the same way as it does on humans.

Pepper spray will be effective for 70% of the dogs out there; the remaining 30% will go through it. Also, it’s very important that you target the spray on dog’s nose to slow down the dog. This is why it’s better to use pepper spray as a tool rather than first line of defense.

Regular pepper spray vs dogs pepper spray?

Pepper spray and dog spray have a lot in common. But they’re slightly different when it comes to their strength and effectiveness. They’re both created from the same root chemical but they’re quite different.

Pepper spray has a propellant and a carrier mixed with the OC chemical just like a dog pepper spray, but dog spray has the OC chemical in a low amount.

A dog spray isn’t effective and may not have a proper effect on humans. But pepper spray can be quite harmful to dogs. Although a regular pepper spray is a great self-defense investment, it’s not recommended to use on dogs since it can cause permanent effects to dogs. If you need more information on different pepper spray types, read this post.

How strong is dog pepper spray?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the maximum strength of dog OC sprays, it can be up to 1% OC. As I mentioned before regular pepper spray is much stronger than dog mace.

This is because dog’s senses are more sensitive as compared to human’s senses. Consequently, it takes much less OC as an active ingredient to obtain the desired effect.

Can pepper spray kill a dog?

Usually, if a human is sprayed, they go blind temporarily, have breathing complications, experience irritation and they lose their senses for a while. The effect lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour.

But, on the other hand, if a dog comes in contact with regular pepper spray, they experience what humans do, but at a higher intensity. They experience heavy irritation, blindness, and discomfort at an extreme level.  Although they won’t die from being pepper sprayed, they will definitely need serious medical attention if the effects don’t wear off in an hour or two.


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