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Where To Buy Bear Spray And How Much Does It Cost?

February 17, 2019August 8, 2019

Bear Sprays are available at online shops, outdoor stores, gift shops, local communities as well as service stations. You can rent it also. It is important to always choose an EPA approved spray that is made specifically to tackle with bears.

Do you need bear spray?

The bear spray functions as a non-lethal spray that is made up of derivatives of Capsicum. If you’re someone who loves hiking in the woods and frequently travel in the nature, you should carry a bear spray with you at these times.

Where To Buy Bear Spray

Purpose of bear spray

The purpose it serves include, protecting human beings from injuries from the attacks of bears, and to decrease the number of bears killed in self-defense (to protect one from an attack).

The spray works in lessening the ability of the bear to see, breathe and smell, which would give you the time to run away and protect yourself at that moment. However, it important to know how to use the spray and where to find it.

Pepper spray vs. Bear spray

Sprays for jogger defense, personal defense, military defense or law enforcement might not be able to stop an aggressive bear as they consist of lower percentage of 0C ingredients and have a lower range.

If you want to know more about best bear sprays follow this link or you can take a look this picks and ge to know where you can buy them:

Counter Assault

This is an amazing bear spray that can be bought at a price of $50 from Amazon. It is considered to be the top pick for hikers, and is reasonable in terms of pricing as well.

You can also buy it from This spray offers some amazing features such as glow in the dark and a nylon holster. It is important to note that the effectiveness of the spray will work till 3-5 years.

Frontiersman Bear Spray

This bear spray is a product of Sabre which is a company known for manufacturing the best pepper spray’s. This bear spray can be bought easily from Amazon, at a price of $30.

You can also purchase this spray directly from the website of Sabre. The shelf-life of this spray is 3 years and it also offers glow-in-the-dark features. However, it does not come with a holster. This spray was tested in various locations and has been proved as being highly effective against all bear species.

UDAP Bear Spray

This is another highly effective bear spray that offers the best value in just $39. It can be purchased from Amazon as well as Walmart. This bear spray was actually manufactured by a survivor of bear attack. The bottle of this spray comes in a bright orange color, which can make it easier to spot.

Also, it has a camouflage hip and is reviewed to be one of the best available bear sprays. Therefore, you can easily purchase these from Amazon, at reasonable prices.  


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