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Best Pepper Sprays for Runners

February 5, 2019July 25, 2019

If you are an active runner, you might want to carry a spray that’s easy to access at the time of need rather than fumbling around your pockets or purse. So, whether you need to turn away a mugger or frighten an animal, here are some best pepper sprays for runners.  

Best Pepper Sprays for Runners

1.    Sabre Red Pepper Gel

This is the most ordered, used and reviewed pepper spray available in the market. Used by law enforcement agencies, the most unique feature of this self-defense weapon is that it is a gel instead of a conventional spray. This makes it more concentrated and accurate. The formula also comes with a less blowback, which means it’s safer to utilize.

At 4 inches, it is super compact and immensely lightweight at 0.75 oz. You can even spray up to 35 shots within a 12-foot range. This allows you enough area to spray and run, with no need of getting closer. As a runner, you will also value its adjustable hand strap which ensures its easy accessibility at all times.

2.    Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray: Runner/Jogger InstaFire Activewear Hand Sleeve

Built for runners and joggers, this is a powerful and sleeker form of personal self-defense. It is useful as a deterrent spray to keep dogs away. It comes with non-abrasive sleeve that swiftly glides into palm of your hand.

InstaFire Activewear’s material stretches to any hand size comfortably and position the spray in your palm for immediate use. Being lightweight, it comes with a twist cap to avoid accidental sprays.

3.    Wrist saver by Personal Savers Pepper Spray for Running, Jogging, Walking, Hiking

Whether you’re hiking, walking or running, wrist saver pepper spray gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. The wrist saver is also equipped with highly reflective edging and LED light that increases your visibility from far away. You can even place emergency contact information in it.

The wristband strap design enables fast and easy deployment in event of emergency. The product comes in various colors, so you can have your choice. Easy twist lock top and ability to spray attacker up to ten feet away as much as 10-20 bursts are some other perks.

Tips on safe running

To stay safe while running, you need to adhere to the below tips, as you can see they are all easy to adhere to, so you have no excuses.

  1. Try Not to Run Alone: This is the easiest way to avoid being attacked because two people are harder to attack than one. So if you have a running partner, the attackers will have to re-evaluate their stand. Also if you cannot get a running partner, get a “big” dog emphasis on the big. If you have a dog it will help scare the attackers. Also dogs sense danger way before we do, so they alert you.
  2. Never Run with Earphones: Most people prefer to run while listening to music, this maybe uplifting and cool but as far as safety is concerned, it is a bad idea. Earphones dull our senses and when it does this, you will not be fully aware of your surroundings. In this situation, you are more vulnerable than someone who does not have an earphone on.
  3. Change your Route Often: Most of these attackers do not just attack randomly, some of them study their targets. If you are a person who only sticks to one route, then you become an easy target because they know where to wait for you. But if you change your route often, it becomes harder to track you done and reduces the chances of you being attacked.
  4. Run against Traffic: When you run against traffic, you get to see the cars that are coming in front of you, making it harder for someone to abduct you with a car. Furthermore, this tip also helps to keep you safe so you do not get knocked down by a car.

What to Do When You Encounter a Dog While Running?

Approximately 4.7 million people get bitten by dogs annually in the United States. Hence, necessary precautions to handle the situation are of utmost importance especially if you are a runner.

If a dog approaches you, make sure to follow these guidelines.

  • Slow down your fast movement. Stop running. Instead, you can walk or stand your ground as it will make you seem less interesting. But, don’t run away as dog may think it as a game.
  • Start walking in the opposite direction of dog. Make sure to keep an eye on dog from the corner of your eye.
  • Don’t make eye contact. Dogs usually interpret staring as a threat.
  • Be boring. Stand motionless with folded arms across your chest.
  • Keep a sight on the dog and figure out the dog’s body language. If he is growling, it means he is not happy to see you.
  • Ignore the dog until he gets bored and walk away.
  • If a dog attacks you, the best you can do is curl up in a ball keeping your head and arms tucked under your body to remain safe as much as possible.
  • Since the dog’s main part is teeth and mouth, you can try to push a water bottle, rock, and stick between you and dog’s mouth.

Carry a dog pepper spray

It is very important you carry a defense object, and one of them is a pepper spray or a runner’s mace.  This way you can be able to defend yourself when the assailant approaches you.

Is it legal?

Pepper spray is an effective substance which contains capsaicin, also known as Capsicum oleoresin. Being a derivative of cayenne pepper, it causes a severe burning sensation. While many states claim pepper spray a legal product to carry around for self-protection, there are some states which exert strict regulations to it.


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