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Best Protection Devices to Use Against Dog Attacks

March 22, 2019April 2, 2020

In this post, I will talk about protection devices you can use against dog attacks ( check best-reviewed ones on Amazon). Dogs are the man’s best friends but many of them aren’t predictable. Even if the dog attacks you, you probably do not want to cause permanent injuries to it. This is why you need to apply for non-lethal protection.

Pepper spray is a good choice which can prevent dog attack and enable you to escape the situation. Also given the benefit that it doesn’t require close range contact. In this post, you can find the best of them. But there are also other good and reliable devices available on the market. I will define some of them later in the post. First, let’s take a look at some pepper spray effects.

How Pepper Spray Effects Dogs?

If a dog shows below symptoms and signs, it means it has been sprayed with a pepper spray:

●       The effect, while instant, is just temporary.

●       For about 45 minutes, a dog will be showing symptoms of burning eyes, trouble in breathing, and scorching sensation around nose and mucous membranes.

●       A sprayed dog will experience a considerable discomfort. It will lick its face, more likely to cry and whine because of pain.

●       It can easily distract a very attacking dog for couple of minutes, thus gives you plenty of time to run away. 

Remember that using a protection device like dog pepper spray is the final measure, in fact, you can do a lot to ensure that attack never happens. I will advise about the best practices to avoid attack and possible injuries.

How to avoid a dog attack?

First of all, many dogs who run towards you aggressively don’t actually want to bite you, they just bark and try to scare you. Running and screaming and trying to hit a dog will only make it want to bite you and get more aggressive.

It is usually recommended to stay calm and ignore the dog. If there is a chance you can climb up to a place higher than the dog. Or you can throw some cloth at the dog’s eyes, so he is unable to see you for a while.

You can shield yourself using something to put in between you and the dog, for example, an umbrella or a bag, but do not try to harm the dog with anything, it will get more aggressive and try to defend itself.

If preventive measures do not help then you have no choice but to use a protection device.

Best protection Devices to avoid a Dog attack:

Being calm will not just help prevent the situation from intensifying, but keep you focused on using devices to help. Safe and reliable protection devices are easily accessible in some local stores or you can buy them online.

Following list includes most effective protection devices you can use against dog attacks:

•             SABRE pepper spray

•             K9 Warning Device Sound Defense

•             Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

•             MACE Muzzle

What should you do if a dog attacks your dog?

If you see your dog is ready to be bitten by a stray dog, here’s what you should do.

●Because dog reacts to movement, it triggers a chase. This is why don’t panic and try to remain calm.

●They don’t need a referee so don’t indulge yourself in separating either of them. It would only result in nasty injuries.

● Begin to distract the aggressive dog. Do it with a loud noise or put a solid barrier in between the two.

●Being the owner, you should call your dog away.

●You can also choose to report the attack by calling 101.

● Collect details including owner’s contact details and photo of other dog, if it has caused any harm to your dog.

●It’s better to take your pet to the vet.

What should you do if a Dog Attacks your Child?

A lot of people who have dogs and kids at their home can put their kids in great danger and most of the time they don’t even realize how close their child could be to getting attacked.

Here we have compiled the recommendations of experts on what should you do in case a dog attacks your kid.

What Steps should you take?

● If a Dog hurts your child, you don’t need to feel panicked. In fact, control your emotions.

● Freeze yourself. If you or your kid start running, dog will do the same.

● Move gradually towards the child and rescue him. Ask your child to curl into a ball to secure his vital organs and face.

● Once you secured your child, it’s time to shield yourself. Hold your ground. Don’t be a threat to dog.

●If dog is still hurting your child, you may choose to disorient the dog either using t-shirt, mace or stick.


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