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What Kind of Pepper Spray the Military Uses?

March 25, 2019March 27, 2020

Differences between military grade OC spray and regular Pepper Spray

There is not much difference present between the two. Both comprise of more or less the same ingredients. However, it is the concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum which marks the difference. (check military-grade pepper spray on Amazon )

Military grade OC sprays have a higher percentage of OC as compared to regular pepper sprays. Thus, they are more potent and powerful. Their effects tend to last longer than the regular pepper sprays.

Military OC sprays are commonly used during training in military camps and they are doing this to prepare the officers to operate even if they come in contact with the spray.

Some other forms of defense spray

Apart from OC pepper sprays, some other variants are also used by the military in times of training and unrest.

CS spray: these refer to the combination of OC spray with tear gas. They cause mild tearing and can also induce immediate vomiting. The victim often tends to succumb in a prone position owing to its effects. These sprays are commonly used to control riots or when people have to be forced out of place.

CN spray: this is another variant of tear gas whose use is restricted to law enforcement agencies. Apart from all the effects induced by CS sprays, CN also leads to loss of balance temporarily and can even cause skin damage permanently. They tend to have longer lasting effects.

Capsicum spray ingredients

The primary ingredient of pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum. This is an active ingredient derived from peppers, the other two components are fillers, used to keep the spray in its liquid condition and bind them all together.

OC is insoluble in water. Thus, rapid blinking that produces tears leads to flushing of the eyes, thereby speeding up the removal of the spray from the body.

What does Pepper spray do?

When the pepper spray comes in contact with the skin, it leads to swelling of the lungs and throat immediately. The mucous membrane in the nose is also stimulated for excess production of mucus.

Dilatation of the vessels in eyes also occurs owing to which the person loses eyesight temporarily. The person then starts to cough and tear up, thereby giving you enough time to get help or run away.

Pepper spray law

Misusing pepper sprays can have serious legal implications. Therefore, before you proceed to purchase or use it, it is a good idea to acquire more information about its legal status in your state. This can prevent you from landing in any trouble.


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