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What are the Differences Between CN, CS and OC Spray?

February 22, 2019July 15, 2019

On comparing CN, CS and OC Pepper sprays, it is evident that all are self-defense sprays. However, which is the best one? What should you buy?

They can be present individually in pepper spray or they can all be present in different concentrations for additional effects. For instance, Mace brand makes a combo spray which includes OC, CN and UV dye.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these self-defense sprays.

Ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile or CS, alpha-chloro acetophenone or CN are mostly used as tear gases, whereas OC pepper spray is used as an inflammatory agent. CS and CN are synthetic halogen compounds, unlike naturally occurring compound oleoresin capsicum found in pepper sprays.

CN gas

Being a key element of Mace sprays, CN is vastly used in riot control. It acts primarily on eyes and mainly used by police and military agents. CN is reported to be less effective than OC pepper spray but affect for a longer time than that of CS.

CS gas

CS is a potent irritant and is responsible to cause burning sensations in respiratory system and involves involuntary closure of eyes. However, you can get rid of its effects more quickly, usually after 5-10 minutes.

It can be deployed by grenades or through aerosol canisters. It is widely known and effective tear gas because it causes mild irritation in eyes, to immediate vomiting, and results in attacker to bow down to floor.

CN, CS or (OC) pepper spray, which one is better?

Besides chemical distinction, there are many other reasons that prove that OC pepper spray is the best choice amongst all. It is non-lethal and all natural which makes it an eco-friendly solution.

That’s not all.Other major benefit that OC pepper spray grants to users is effectiveness. Many authorities and agencies have claimed that CS and CN based sprays were not found to be effective on mentally sick people or drug abusers.

However, this is not the case with OC pepper sprays. Most importantly, the other advantage is its reach. CN and CS take 5-30 seconds on average to cover the distance and work on attackers. On the other hand, OC based pepper spray works immediately on aggressor.

CN and CS are synthetic compounds and tend to be carcinogenic in nature. Since both of these compounds are irritants and rely on pain, many can develop a resistance to it, unlike OC based pepper sprays.

Which one is legal everywhere?

Compared to pepper spray, tear gases CN and CS are not permissible in every state. Use of such gases is prohibited in certain places. However, pepper spray is legal in almost 50 states in US.

Once again:

Clearly, OC based tear gas works best in terms of self-defense. The only decision you need to make is how much strength and what type of pepper spray you want. Once you choose which one is more suitable for you, make sure you carry it all the time with you. If it’s not there, how will it help you?


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