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3 Pepper spray Alternatives that Will do the Job

February 5, 2019April 2, 2020

Pepper spray is amongst the popular items to carry for self-defense. But there are situations where you don’t want or not allowed to use it. Luckily, there are numerous self-protection items you can choose as alternatives to pepper spray ( check the most popular on Amazon ).

This is important, don’t use tools which are not designed for self-defense.

But you need to use something that is effective and safe. How will you guard yourself? Below are the best pepper spray alternatives.

What is the best pepper spray alternative?

1.    Tactical Knife – TAC Force TF-705GY

This is one of the best self-protection item which works effectively within 20 feet distance. (Check prices on Amazon). Even, it can be used for multiple uses other than self-defense. Since it is lightweight and comes with a pocket clip, this is why it easier to carry around anywhere and comes out easily at the time of need.

With its sturdy 3 mm-thick stainless steel blade, you can fully rely on this Tactical Knife. However, you might want to check your state’s knife laws before using. In addition, you don’t have to take concealed weapons course which you are required to do when using firearms.

2.    Tactical Pen – Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK

This is a remarkable pen which may serve as an improvised survival tool. (Check prices on Amazon). It writes smoothly and is convenient to hold. It is featured with hard-anodized aluminum body and cap.

To all, it’s an unnoticeable object, but you know how tactical it is to use. So, if you want something that comes without bladed edge, Smith & Wesson Tactical pen is made for you.

3. Taser / Stun Gun – VIPERTEK VTS-989

Another self-defense item is stun gun. This heavy duty stun gun comes with snatch prevention technology. This means if a mugger tries to seize the stun gun from you, the shock plates on its sides will transfer a high voltage shock. It remits 53 million volts of electricity, which assures your safety and make sure the attacker remains at bay.

Check prices on Amazon!

It has rechargeable battery and comes with lifetime warranty. Equipped with LED flashlight, VIPERTEK VTS-989 is a perfect small item to conceal in a bag or purse. The ultra-sharp electrodes are strong enough to penetrate through winter wear (thick clothing). This makes it truly effective during cold season as well.

Battery can hold its power up to a month if unused, and will take an hour to become fully charged. Good thing about this device is that it has a good grip due to its non-slip rubber coating and can immobilize the target for at least 5 seconds.

Make a Decision

We live in constant fear of being victimized. In event of a confrontation, nobody wants to be the sufferer of an attack. You should have your own defense plan. For this, you need to choose a tool that’s comfortable to handle. If you haven’t before, check the best pepper sprays. Be aware of your surroundings. Know your weapon and have quick access to it.


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